Your blog is so ammmmaaaazzziiinnng. I love the whole trilogy, and the quotes in the book are so amazing, but this isnt excactly a question...woops. But i do have a question, what do you think of the rumors that "edgar" is supposedly playing a love triangle with tris and tobias in insurgent?

Thanks so much!!! I just think it’s super stupid :) Does that answer your question? Hahaha. I guess it just bothers me because Veronica promised the movies would be crazy similar to the books and yet they are casting a non-OG character…. so, yeah. A triangle with Fourtris or not, either way, these books are meaty enough without a new character. I think disappointed is the best way to describe how I feel about it. Hope they can change my mind!

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I don't understand the whole six and tris thing can you explain it to me

Sure! When Tris went into her fear landscape, she had 7 fears. However, one of those fears was a fear of intimacy [with Tobias]. When her and Tobias were together later that day, they spoke about how one day she would get over that fear of intimacy. Then Tris said that people could call her Six just like they call Tobias Four.

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How can I see your older posts? I just cannot and don't know why

Okay, so the arrows are quite small (I’m an HTML newb so I can’t fix it), but they are right below my sidebar. Click the small grey thing, and you will get to the next page!! :)

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Hello. I just want to know if I can use your pictures on twitter to help with the #VoteTris thing? Sorry my bad english. Have a nice week :)

Hi there! Thanks for asking :) Sure you can! Just credit me somehow (a link or just write my blog name) :)

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How do you blur the other words surrounding a quote or a paragraph that you took a picture of?

The answer is on the sidebar in the FAQ’s! :) Short answer: I start it on instagram with the blur tool and fix it up with photoshop :)

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Do you know any other good series like divergent?

I’ll try my best to answer this question, but I’m probably better off answering it after this summer because I have a huge summer reading list prepared and I’m still doing more research. I would say 95% of Divergent fans have read/seen The Hunger Games, so I technically really recommend that, but you’ve probs read it. I’ve heard mixed things about The Maze Runner, but it’s Dystopian as well so you can check that out. I can’t remember any others off the top of my head :( (I’m assuming you’ve read Harry Potter because it’s just a right of passage so if you haven’t why aren’t you at the bookstore BUYING THEM)

Just in case anyone is wondering, my summer reading list is: Delirium, Uglies, The Maze Runner, Just Listen, If I Stay, Speak and The Book Thief.

If anyone has read any other good books like Divergent that they would like to recommend for this anon, send me an ask :)

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Your blog is absolutely amazing! It brings me so many Fourtris feels... Will you post more Allegiant quotes? It would be awesome. xx

Thanks so much!!! That’s the reason why I made this blog; Fourtris feels MUST BE SHARED! And of course :) My last 3 posts have been Allegiant quotes, but I’ve just put one more in the queue for you, lovely anon.

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What do you think of the cast and the trailer? Are you planning to see the movie?

So I don’t clog peoples dashes:

*Allegiant Spoilers*

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